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Do you know what a "botnet" is? Botnets are networks built up of thousands, even millions of infected computers. They are used by their controllers to send out millions of spam messages as well as for a variety of other less favorable applications.

Call us today if you think your computer(s) may be in a botnet.

Virus Activity Continues unabated

While new services from ISP's may have you thinking you are safe from virii and hackers think again. Always keep your anti-virus tools updated.

FACEBOOK/MYSPACE tip: Always login to your account from a manually typed in or hard link such as a favorites item. Many hackers will try to trick you into giving up your info after you have logged in. If you are asked to login after logging in previously, leave the page you are on and go to your own home page or myspace.com.

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WE'VE MOVED! Come visit us at our new offices at 42308 Hayes Road for a free consultation. MAP

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